The “VGR” Story


Vision Guided Robotics, LLC (VGR) was started by four individuals who have designed, sold and implemented countless vision systems.  These four partners became frustrated with the empty promises of the vision systems in the market place that caused endless hours at the plant and endless trial and error.  To champion a vision system and place it into an integrator the team would have to combat countless lighting and repeatability errors finally achieving buy off.  The line would move to the end user facility and placed in production. Then another three to six months or more of tweaking the system would be required to combat the lighting changes at the plant and the part variation in color due to fabrication at different suppliers or parts saturated with degreaser would challenge the vision systems repeatability.

The four partners realized the endless hours provided a temporary fix until the next variable caused a vision fault.  There had to be a better way.  The vision system had to be developed to overcome the plant environment.  Any vision system that could be developed to overcome the lighting, dirt, and heat of a factory successfully would provide vision intelligence to the world that could be used for any application in any industry.

The partners set out to do just that and developed the MIG VISION™ software.  MIG VISION™ provides a cloud based software platform that provides all the vision functionality needed for any type of assembly application for any industry.   The MIG VISION™ provides Measurement Inspection and Guidance functionality that can be applied as separate capabilities or combined together on any application providing simple to complex solutions.