Why give MIG VISION a try?

The MIG VISION™ software is Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) platform that provides Measurement, Inspection and Guidance. Through our vision software platform, we specialize in adding intelligence to robots of all kinds to help organizations automate more easily and cost effectively.  The software is  provided as both an on premise and hosted cloud solution. In addition, VGR provides 24/7 technical support accessing experts in minutes helping clients minimize down time.

The MIG VISION Difference

  • Interface written from scratch designed to be easy for the operator to use with simple drag and drop job setup
  • GigE, USB2, and USB3 camera support
  • Stationary or robot camera mounting
  • Lighting conditions algorithm
  • Parallel computations able to reduce cycle time
  • Organically developed algorithms that are all able to be customized
  • Runs on Mac OSX and Linux for tighter controls of timing
  • Interfaces to the PLC using ControlLogic
  • MIG VISION can control up to 10 cameras providing maximum flexibility
  • Capable of managing the camera settings and region of interest as each job runs, extending the capability of one camera
  • Provides camera-based bar code reading for additional functionality and flexibility
  • Details about the current jobs and if there are any warnings or errors stream right to your mobile device — iOS or Android.
  • MIG VISION employs the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence for tough scenarios.  The software gets more intelligent over time and learns from seeing data.
  • Patent Pending algorithms that are able to control the camera controls programmatically, adapting to the current environment.
  • IoT Connectivity
  • Deep learning and artificial intelligence

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MIG VISION is our software platform.  It was built from the ground up to be modular and extensible to suit any need.  Modules such as bead inspection and matching a 3D model we generate using a monocular camera to a CAD model are available.