Cast of Characters

Shawn Hunt, Ph. D. Chief Science Officer has over fifteen years of experience as a vision scientist solving capabilities of autonomous vehicles both for the military and automotive industry.  Dr. Hunt has developed many advancements using robotic sensors, memory models, asynchronous communications, incremental learning, image stabilization, scene registration, persistent stare, lighting and deep learning algorithms.   In addition, he has developed stereo, 2D, 3D and point cloud imaging algorithms and applied his experience and knowledge to machine vision.  Dr. Hunt’s work has been patented and has published many papers on computer vision and robotics.  Dr. Hunt’s passion is developing algorithms using visual data to solve complex problems.


Dave Coker, Chief Robotics Officer has over thirty-one years of electrical, PLC, robotic, application and machine vision programming and debugging experience.  Mr. Coker has worked for some of the very best integrators in the automotive industry installing, debugging and solving some of the most difficult automation challenges for both the automotive companies and tier 1 suppliers.  Mr. Coker is well known in the industry with his reputation as a “Robot God”.


Nelson D’Agostini, Chief Executive Officer graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1993.  Mr. D’Agostini worked as a CFO for two large manufacturing organizations until 2000 upon where he decided to turn his passion towards automation and robot programming.  Mr. D’Agostini has leveraged his superior skills in robot programming, debugging, maintenance and repair in the automation industry solving some of the most challenging automation projects earning him a reputation of integrity, quality and trust.  In addition to his hands on work, Mr. D’Agostini is the owner of Innovative Robotics and Automation, Inc., a robot programming contract services company.