Vision Guided Robotics, LLC (VGR) is a vision software company providing vision intelligence to the world.  We specialize in adding vision intelligence to robots of all kinds – industrial, ground, air and underwater. Our experience in the automotive, defense, energy, and construction industries has helped Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) develop a modular vision software platform intended to be easily customized to meet vision needs of difficult applications.

We have a unique perspective that leverages the collaboration of experienced robot programmers and expert vision scientists.   Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) robot programmers have worked with multiple end users, tier one suppliers and integrators installing and improving on vision systems.   Our vision scientist experience with autonomous vehicles, autonomous robots and satellite vision of the sea floor have produced complex algorithms.  Fusing these two specific perspectives VGR has created an easy to use system that works.  Vision is only valuable if it works in the intended environment, otherwise it is just a component collecting dust.  How many times have you hit by-pass?

The MIG VISION™ software is Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) platform that provides Measurement, Inspection and Guidance.  Provided as both an on premise and hosted cloud solution, clients are able to choose the functionality necessary for the application or cell.   VGR provides 24/7 technical support accessing experts in minutes helping clients minimize down time.

We have the scientific know-how and the real world experience to make vision work for you. The following video highlights how easy it is to create a vision work-space inside of our software: